400 Series: Spray Technology Seminar

The 400 level: Spray Technology Seminar provides an extensive, in-depth overview and discussion about the atomization process, nozzle technology, and state-of-the-art methods available to engineers. The seminar is typically held at the Spraying Systems Co. world headquarters outside Chicago, IL and is held twice annually. However, special arrangements can be made to provide the same experience at local Spraying Systems Co. sales offices or regional test facilities. The Spray Technology Seminar includes both classroom instruction and laboratory demonstrations of the nozzle products offered by Spraying Systems Co.

Attendees are provided with the theory of atomization, along with practical knowledge covering the following topics:

  • How spray nozzles work
  • Effect or spray material rheology and the effect on nozzle flow rate, spray angle, spray pattern, and coverage
  • How to assess and solve problems caused by poor spray performance
  • Role and importance of drop size in specific spray applications
  • All topics in the 100, 200, and 300 Series seminars, along with any specific topics or applications of interest to our attendees

Contact your local sales representative for scheduling and availability.

“Easily the most useful and immediately applicable class I’ve been to with regards to clearly recognizable cost savings potential." - Recent Seminar Attendee