Spray Characterization Parameters

There are many parameters that can/should be used to characterize a spray, such as:

Droplet Size
Droplet Velocity
Volume Flux
Volume Distribution
Spray Angle
Droplet Shape
Solid Particles
Spray Impact
Rheology Testing
• Flow Rate
• Operating Pressure
• Droplet Impact Force
• Spray Concentration
• Material Solids Content

Many of these parameters are of critical importance in order to properly optimize a spray solution. The effectiveness and efficiency of the nozzle and material to be sprayed can be greatly improved by fully understand the characteristics of a spray; and by identifying those parameters that may not be critical. Depending on the specific application, each parameter may benefit from an increase, decrease, or optimally tuned setting which can be accomplished through detailed testing and analysis.

Spraying Systems Company’s Spray Analysis and Research Services laboratory offers access to nearly all modern spray characterization instruments, which each provide a range of advantages, and the Research Engineers on staff are available to determine what data are necessary to optimize a spray application.