tablet coating 54000 manifold

Pulp and Paper

In pulp and paper processing, optimization of the material use and overall efficiency of the system can save time and greatly reduce costs. Spray Analysis and Research Services facilities offer lab scale simulation of conveyorized coating, which allows process tuning, prevention of overspray, and optimal transfer efficiency. Additional application may include:

  • Coating: anti-skid agents, starches, scents, adhesives, roll lubrication, edge speckles, and web/tissue lamination
  • Cleaning: doctor blades, stock chests, headboxes, pulp chests, and general plant clean-up
  • Edge trimming: standard, fine and specialty papers
  • Drying and blow-off: air barriers to control contaminants, debris and excess paper blow-off into the pit, sheet control for paper breaks
  • Humidification: static and shock prevention, moisture addition in storage areas
  • Marking: defects, and spray uniformity
  • Pollution abatement: foam knockdown, gas scrubbing

Typical research efforts include conveyorized coating testing, drop size and coverage testing, and/or other modeling services that may achieve uniform applcaiton and prevent material loss, overspray, and buildup.

B356B: Pulp and Paper