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Principals and Methods

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides a method to simulate fluid flows, allowing analysis of the physical mechanisms involved. CFD is a numerical method used to analytically solve fluid flow problems, in which, typically extremely large numbers of calculations are required to simulate the behavior of fluids in complex geometries. CFD is applied to a flow region, which is divided into many computational domains or cells. This discretized region is called a computational grid, or more commonly a mesh, and is used to represent the continuous flow domain with a finite number of smaller domains. Within the computational domain, CFD solves the Navier-Stokes equations to obtain velocity, pressure, temperature and any other scalar or vector quantity included in the governing equations. The governing N-S equations form the connection between the real-world physics of fluid flow and the simulated environment. CFD has become an indispensable design and optimization tool with the help of commercially available software and advanced computer technology. Spraying Systems Co. works closely with Ansys-Fluent to provide cutting-edge modeling accuracy and to develop new spray modeling methods. By using the Ansys-Fluent commercial software package, the methods and tools available to the Spray Analysis and Research Services engineers are tested, reliable, and proven.