Dust Control

Dust control is an important factor for mining, manufacturing, and processing industries. Uncontained dust or lack of suppression causes major health and safety hazards for workers and the surrounding environment. In addition, damage and blockage of equipment may occur.
Dust suppression and control concerns may include:

  • Suppression and reduction of airborne particles
  • Preventing surface dust from becoming airborne
  • Ineffective suppression and control of the current system
  • Safety hazards due to drifting particles

In order to capture small dust particles, it is typically optimal to match the droplet size with the particulate size. By measuring a sample of solid dust particles, a spray systems may be designed and a nozzle/spray may be optimally tuned to generate the targeted drop size while achieving adequate coverage.

B652: Dust

B656: Dust Control
in Coal Mining

B657: Dust Control
in Metal Mining