Chemical Processing

The chemical processing industry typically involves spraying liquid (or a combination of liquid and air) into gas, air onto solids, or into containers. Spray Analysis and Research Services works with leading and specialty chemical producers, cement plants, waste treatment plants, paint manufacturers, and others to find performance solutions in a wide range of spray operations, such as:

  • Chemical injection: corrosion inhibitor, glycol, aqueous ammonia, and desuperheating
  • Coating: mold release, tablets, and scents & aromatics
  • Gas cooling: SO2 removal, HCL and H2SO4, SCR and SNCR NOx control
  • Dust suppression: waste incineration, material transport, and particulate capture
  • Humidification: paint tanks, filters, storage areas, and odor control
  • Liquid and product cooling: spray ponds, materials, products, and pipes/tanks
  • Spray drying: detergents, soaps, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food
  • Tank cleaning: cleaning, sanitizing, and rinsing tanks of any size

In addition for pressure/flow rate measurements, droplet size, liquid distribution, and droplet velocity are critical parameters ion the chemical industry that may be characterized and optimized through testing and modeling services.

B568: Chemical Processing
B579A: Spray Injectors
B615: Pollution Control